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Textile Collage Artist and Quiltmaker

Dear Viewers,

I began working with fibers and textiles at age six. My Roumanian grandmother, known for her technical and creative prowess, taught me cross-stitch and embroidery. In fifth grade, I was named Artist-of-the-Month, which I stretched into a year-long residency.

A high school friend reminded me that I had been an art mentor to her. I made my clothes then, Vogue patterns combining unusual textures and colors. My exploration and creativity freed her to experiment in her own clothes-making.

I learned to weave at the Cleveland Art Institute after earning a Bachelor's degree in Art History at the University of Wisconsin. Later, I studied batik resist at the Baltimore Art Institute, and through the Parks and Recreation Department met skilled and inspiring teachers.

I was appointed a Washington State Artist-in-Residence, travelling to public schools teaching fun fiber art projects. In Oakland, I studied for a year at the California College of Art, developing fiber sculptures. I earned a Master's in Counseling Psychology at JFK University and a post-Master's degree in Art Therapy, I brought the world of art to my clients.

Always, I played with color, texture, balance and shape. While working full-time as a family therapist and manager, I found the medium of sewn textile collage a perfect fit for my pursuit of art. I began to develop a series of textile collages, pieces that expressed moments and stages of a life: beginnings, middles, endings, with death, loss, joy, and celebration. Each collage is its own journey with a unique form.

Then, in 2005, I discovered quilts! I could not have guessed the pleasure derived from cutting and re-arranging colorful pieces of cloth into new patterns. I made quilts for others, for myself, for gifts, and for sale.

When I retired in June 2014, I made a commitment to learn the art of surface design on cloth and to create art quilts. I sought out teachers, workshops and retreats. I found a mentor: Jane Dunnewold and her Art Cloth Mastery Program. For two and one-half years, every six months, ten artists convene in her studio in San Antonio,Texas, for six days to learn new surface design techniques, support one another, and form our unique goals.

I want my artistic vision to grow out of my commitment to personal deepening, making self-contact deep inside, from the outer layer of skin to the deeper layers of muscles, the pulsation of the organs, and the beating of my heart. By forming a boundary of containment, I initiate a chain reaction of thoughts, images, sensations, colors, and associations.

I have begun an exploratory series of Totems based on First Nation cultures throughout the world. I wonder, does my own process of discovery mirror the ways that cultures and the complexities of group living create symbolic Totems over time? Do they emerge from an image within that spreads outward? Do they emerge from what the group sees/experiences in their environment over time, shaped into an image?

I invite you to explore my website; we can discover together!