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Q:  Are reproductions available of your own work
A:  Yes, high quality, giclee reproductions are available. Giclee is a high technology xerox process. These are available on various papers, such as watercolor paper, which further enhance the product. In addition, the giclee can be enhanced with additional elements on the surface, so they become their own, unique pieces.

Q:  What kind of fabric do you use in your quilts?
A:  Only 100 % cotton, first run fabrics are used.

Q:  Where do you get your inspiration for your quilts, i.e., how do you choose color and fabric?
A:  This question has many answers, because the choices depend on who the quilt is destined for and their tastes, desires, needs. If I am simply creating a quilt because Iím moved to begin one, I usually have a selection of colors/fabrics that interest me or that challenge me. I am currently very curious about complementary and split complementary color schemes.

Q:  What is your inspiration?
A:  With a private commission, I'll let you inspire me - Your interests, your color, your tastes, your environment.