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Q:  What kind of fabric do you use in your quilts?
A:  I use high quality, first run fabrics, which range from cottons to silks, linens, rayons and wool felt.

Q:  Where do you get your inspiration for your quilts?
A:  I am inspired by marks, shapes, images seen in my study of world cultures (and my own cultures) as they resonate from a deep place within myself. I then take these universal marks, reorganize my relationship with them and make them personal.

My work is tied to a commitment to personal deepening, expression and exploration. I strive to create a dialogue, a feedback loop between myself and the cloth, as the piece develops. Layers are generated, reflected in the strata of dye, paint, and cloth over cloth. Later, I encourage a dialogue between my work and the viewer.

In the case of a commission, the choices include a dialogue with the other person, their tastes, desires and needs and the ways in which they resonate and relate to my work and abilities.

Q:  You have a number of different "series". Can you tell me about those?
A: Yes. My first was a series of two-dimensional totems inspired by cultures that use the totem motif: Pacific Northwest, Great Plains and Taiwanese Aboriginal First Peoples. From there, I created a totem based on my own Romanian and Peruvian cultures. I then applied the "stele" form to a figure that emerged who reminded me of a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mardin, Turkey. My piece, Lunar Eclipse Emergence falls into this series as well. I then explored the universal marks of "X's and O's" to find ways to make them personal. Another series that emerged from my own personal explorations is: Ancient Echoes. I am currently working on a series about the effects of climate change on our environment. The first in that series is titled: "Global Alert: Arctic Melt." I have another planned about the Santa Rosa wild fires.

Q:  Are reproductions available of your own work?
A: : Yes, high quality, giclee reproductions are available from high-resolution photographic images. Giclee is a high technology xerox process. These are available on various papers, such as watercolor paper. In addition, the giclee will be enhanced with additional elements on the surface, so they become their own, unique pieces.